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champagneI have been running my own business in London for 23 years working all the hours under the sun.  Jenny has been working in the accounts department of a solicitor's office for 17 years.  We have been fortunate enough to have fulfilled most of our ambitions in life.  We have been happily married for 29 years, have raised two wonderful children and now have two fantastic grandchildren.  We have also been able to help both children get onto the property ladder and we are now content that they have settled lives of their own.

After staying at home with the children until they reached school age, Jenny wanted to get back to work.  She had only worked in the banking industry previously so decided to take college courses in bookkeeping and typewriting.  She did well in her exams and got the first job she was interviewed for at the solicitors office.  She has been there ever since even though the company has merged a few times along the way.
I have also run my own building company dealing with all areas of construction. I have managed a Self Build Syndicate constructing 34 homes in Kent.  I hope that the experience and the knowledge we have acquired over the years will go towards helping us find the right place for you.


We took over “Get Spain” from Stuart & Linda Burton who have run the site very successfully for the past two years, meeting many clients who have now become personal friends.  They have recently opened an Estate Agents office in Javea and we wish them all the best with their new venture.  After speaking with Stuart at length about the website I soon realised that they had a passion for their work and an air of integrity and professionalism, which is a rare thing nowadays and something which I admire and intend to maintain.  When they were looking for someone to take over www.getspain.net they were insistent on a couple who were prepared to work as hard and research the needs of each and every client as they did.  We aim to live up to their expectations in every way.


 Now we would like to help you through the whole process of buying your home in Spain including help with local solicitors, schools, doctors, hospitals, all areas of the building trade and a whole lot more.  We would like to make your dream into a reality just as we did our own.  You can contact us on [email protected] for your first step into a new future.


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