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Timber Homes

Working for YOU

We take the strain out of your property search with our experience of what you are trying to do but witout the mistakes.

ChairladyRain2While you sit comfortably at home you tell us of your desired location.

CloudYou can tell us the type of property that you would like to buy.

DrizzleYou define the property specification such as number of bedrooms, swimming pool etc.
Rain2You will know your budget and we will not look for properties over your maximum price.

DrizzleWe will search out suitable properties and obtain details to send to you.

Sunshine2We will visit those of interest and give you a description of the exterior and surroundings.Camera

Sunshine2We will take some digital pictures to add to our email messages to you.

Sunshine2We will tell you about the location and surrounding area.

Sunshine2We will find as many properties as we can that suit your requirements.

Sunshine2We will arrange your flights if you wish at your expense of course.

Sunshine2We can even arrange accommodation and car hire.

Sunshine2Should your search be in a very localised area and you have no need of a car we'll collect you from the airport.

Sunshine2And yes, whether you buy or not we will return you to the airport at the end of your trip.

Sunshine2Best of all we work for you and make no charge.

If you are ready then click here  complete the form and submit.
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